Love Family Camp and want to enjoy it with friends?

New families receive complimentary registration while you receive a 50% off yours! Sound appetizing? Check out our s’mores ingredients below!

New Family

New family comes free. That’s $50/person, complimentary. 

Host Family

For inviting your friends, you receive 50% off your registration as well. 


Enjoy camp that much s’more!
What a sweet deal.

The Sweet

New families (hereafter called “S’more Families”) are defined as families (at least 2 individuals currently living under the same roof, including a head of house) who have never attended, or been on campus for, an ALERT Family Camp. Your friends may purchase lodging and meals if desired, but Family Camp Registration will cost them nothing.


  • 2+ people
  • Must include the head of house
  • Neither parent can have ever attended or been on campus for an ALERT Family Camp.
  • Person inviting the S’more Family cannot currently reside at the same address as the S’more Family.
  • New family must mention host family at the time of registration. Discount will not be applied after registration.

and the sticky

The “Host Family” (who invited the “S’more Family”) must be registered at the time of the “S’more Family” registration to receive the 50% discount for their own Family Camp Registration. Please note that this discount excludes meals and lodging and applies to your registration costs only.


  • Register before your friends. When your friends sign up, we’ll contact you for your one-time* 50% refund! (Additional registrations added after the discount is applied will not be eligible for the discount.) 
  • Let us know who you’re inviting to camp as your “S’more Family.” You can bring as many families as you’d like! (Discount remains the same.)
  • As the “Host Family” make sure your friends feel connected and included at Family Camp. Please consider having them to your campsite and introducing them to friends.
  • S’more Family Promotional ends Sept. 30, 2022. Your friends must be registered by this date for the discount.
  • If your S’more Family doesn’t end up checking in or arriving for ALERT Family Camp, your 50% discount will be removed and the remaining balance will be due. This will allow you to bring your friends again next year!

Call us to register!

Discounts are not available online, but we’ll be happy to get you all situated and ready to go. Call us at 903-636-9201.

Don't have a host family?

New families who would like to attend but do not have a Family Camp Host Family are definitely welcome and will also receive complimentary registration. We’ll bring you as our guests and assign y’all a host family prior to your arrival.